About Sun Financial

Sun Financial is a long-term owner and operator of solar power facilities acquiring both new and existing
facilities typically under Power Purchase Agreements (“PPA’s”). Sun Financial’s portfolio includes more than 200
solar power facilities making it one of the premier independent power producers in the United States.

More About Sun Financial

Sun Financial prides itself on a successful history of working closely with local communities to build renewable energy facilities. Our measured approach prioritizes the needs of local communities, landowners and investors without compromising the interests of utility companies and rate payers. Through our experience in building and operating quality sustainable energy generation plants, we have learned how to carefully protect the environment while creating sustainable, local jobs. We firmly believe that by placing the utmost priority on our community partners while balancing local political guidelines and environmental laws, we can deliver cost efficient and sustainable projects. Sun Financial is working to provide clean energy, at affordable prices, while serving the greater need of the community to create jobs and contain the damaging impact of carbon and greenhouse-gas emissions for our future.

Meet Our Founder

About Clay

Clay is Founder, Chairman and CEO of Sun Financial. He also serves as Chairman & Managing Partner of the Biddinger Family Foundation and his family partnership Tomstemark, LP.

Clay & Sun Financial

Previously, he founded and led Sun Financial Group and Bay4 Capital. With over 35 years of experience, Clay brings his strategic and financial background to the helm of Sun Financial. In addition to leading our vision for the future of renewable energy, Clay develops and maintains many of the company’s close working relationships.